How can I participate?

You can participate in the project in many ways. Are you a ...

  • student?
    Fraunhofer ISE often has vacancies in the field of hydrogen technology for bachelor or master students, internships etc.. Feel free to apply or check the vacant positions that are currently available
  • component supplier?
    We are interested in testing and using new materials and components concerning hydrogen tank, planar fuel cell, fluidic and electronic components...
  • possible customer / user / reseller?
  • someone else?
    Any help, hints or comments are welcome. You can contact us here.

What are the plans for further developments?

Main focus should be integrating, downsizing and optimizing all components for their use in the raspberryHy system. Wishes for further development are:

  • Integrating a small hydrogen tank in the system housing
  • Reducing, combining and replacing the stainless steel components with plastic parts
  • Optimizing the electronics
  • Developing a specific rHy fuel cell (cell number and dimensions)
  • Connecting the Pi with the rHy electronics in terms of data acquisition and control of the system